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I have Graves Disease and suffer from racing beating heart.  Often it feels like my heart wants to jump right out of my body.  I was attending the healing prayer service I went forward for prayer and was experiencing the racing heart at the time, as I rested in the Spirit, I felt a physical healing happen within my heart.  This physical ailment has not returned and it has been over two years.

A separate healing experience I encountered was when I went on a pilgrimage.  I have extreme knee pain from a fall years ago, it was to the point that I limped along on my right knee because it was so bad.  At times, it would give out on me and I would find myself on the ground.  I suffered daily with this pain.  During a pilgrimage, while I was going through the Stations of the Cross, a very spiritual man answered the call of God, came up to me and laid hands on my knee and prayed.  


It was the next morning that I noticed the pain was completely gone and I have not had any pain since that day.

- Sue



“I plead with you--never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.” 

- St John Paul II

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