After 4 relapses of fallopian tube cancer and recurrent bouts of small bowel obstruction due to radiation our family asked Fr. Mark to intercede on my behalf to God.  Father Mark graciously met us, talked with us and prayed over us.  A pet scan was scheduled for the next day and it showed no sign of the cancer for which I'd been most recently treated.  My primary care physician is very religious and when I told him of my spiritual journey, he remarked that he was very heartened by my recovery but jokingly confirmed that I had no intention of dropping my oncologist.

All of this started in late Spring of 2016.  It is now November and I had another three month examination with my oncologist.  My blood work (ca 125) showed a drop of seven points and I'd gained six pounds.  Both of these indicators of improved health delighted my doctor and my family.  

I believe that God helps those who help themselves.  Without both working in conjunction we are at risk.  The peace that has come over me has helped me live my cancer free time on this earth without cancer's accompanying anxiety.  Father Mark's intercession on my behalf has provided a quality of life significantly improved over that which I've lived during the eight years since my initial diagnosis.  Knowing that we are going to die does not have to make every day depressing.  Knowing that when we die we are going to Paradise makes life joyful.

Thanks to Father Mark and all of the physicians who have worked to extend both the quantity and quality of my life.

- Maureen



I have Graves Disease and suffer from racing beating heart.  Often it feels like my heart wants to jump right out of my body.  I was attending the healing prayer service I went forward for prayer and was experiencing the racing heart at the time, as I rested in the Spirit, I felt a physical healing happen within my heart.  This physical ailment has not returned and it has been over two years.

A separate healing experience I encountered was when I went on a pilgrimage.  I have extreme knee pain from a fall years ago, it was to the point that I limped along on my right knee because it was so bad.  At times, it would give out on me and I would find myself on the ground.  I suffered daily with this pain.  During a pilgrimage, while I was going through the Stations of the Cross, a very spiritual man answered the call of God, came up to me and laid hands on my knee and prayed.  


It was the next morning that I noticed the pain was completely gone and I have not had any pain since that day.

- Sue



“I plead with you--never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.” 

- St John Paul II

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