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There are always questions surrounding a new organization, hopefully this answers a few of them....

Q: What exactly does the St. John Paul II Healing Institute do?

A: We hold monthly open prayer services in addition to visiting physician's offices to pray with patients during their appointments. Anyone is welcome to attend the prayer services, please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

Q: What inspired the roots of the Institute?

A: Being present in hospitals and medical offices and seeing the positive impact that prayer can have on patients under a physician's care.

Q: What is the vision/goal from here?

A: Our vision is ever changing but we hope to eventually create a template of what we're doing for additional prayer teams to use in other areas. 

Q: What is the mission?

A: To unite faith with science as it was in Apostolic times; to help heal through prayer, bringing prayer back into healthcare.

Q: What happens when the doctor and prayer team pray with a patient?

A: As the procedure is being done, we are simply in the background praying to help facilitate healing in the patient. It certainly isn't limited to physical healing alone- prayer can help heal a patient in body, mind and soul.

Q: Why would the prayer team come and give up their time and efforts for people they don't even know?

A: For the conversion of hearts and souls! This is our calling to do Jesus' work in our modern world- to witness God's love and mercy at work, healing a fellow human's spiritual and physical self is heartwarming, to say the least!


  • This is not a one-stop shop

  • We do not perform exorcisms

  • We aren't psychics or mediums

  • This is not a substitute for medical care or advice

  • We don't focus on instant, miraculous healing but rather the spiritual healing that can occur through prayer, sometimes just one layer at a time



Q: How can I begin to incorporate prayer into my practice?

A: We would hold an introductory meeting with the staff, office manager and physicians to educate and get started.

Q: How often can a prayer team come to visit my practice? 

A: Generally once per month, as the doctor's schedule allows. 

Q: What are the benefits to incorporating prayer into  my practice? 

A: It builds up a holistic approach to healing that includes mind, body and spirit as opposed to a clinical approach alone.


Q: What would physicians need to do to prepare themselves?

A: Ideally, the physician will have prayed about this and is ready and open to become a better healer for the Lord.


Q: What is the investment required from a physician?

A: Simply time for prayer that is necessary to prepare, such as a day for prayer and recollection. This is similar to time devoted for continuing education that many healthcare workers must do. 

Q: What if a patient has a complete healing, how do we address if there is no further medical need?

A: Thank God- give praise where it's due! This can occur when you combine clinical treatment and spiritual renewal. If the word is spread, you may have more patients seeking you for the same empathy.


Is this right for my practice?


  • Are you empathetic for your patients?

  • Have you felt burnt out, weighed down or drained by your occupation, even though you got there because you desired to help people?

  • Do you truly believe that people can be helped emotionally and physically through prayer from others?

  • As a doctor, have you ever thought to yourself, "I am in the medical field because I felt called to serve God by bringing healing to his people....but something is still missing?"

  • Do you often feel concerned about your patients and their conditions even after work is over and you've gone home?


“We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures; we are the sum of the Father’s love for us and our real capacity to become the image of his Son.”

- St John Paul II

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